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DignityMoves works to end unsheltered street homelessness in our communities by building Interim Supportive Housing with rapid, cost-effective, scalable solutions.

Looking Back at 2022

We are proud of everything we’ve been able to accomplish in 2022. Want to learn more about our progress? View this year’s impact report and FY 2022’s audited financials by clicking on the links below.

DignityNow Santa Barbara County Capital Campaign

We’re raising $19M to address the homeless crisis in Santa Barbara County. With this money, DignityMoves and our partners will work together to close Santa Barbara’s Housing gap to build an additional 300 units to meet the County’s present demand.

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Our Streets Can't Be the Waiting Room

Building more permanent housing is ultimately the way to end our housing crisis.  Yet permanent housing is expensive, and takes many years to build.  In California, our emphasis on building permanent housing has resulted in 72% of people experiencing homelessness being literally unsheltered.  Our streets can’t be the waiting room.  We need safe, dignified, interim housing where people can get out of survival mode and start to rebuild their lives.

A Community Effort

Thank You to Our Partners

Interim Supportive Housing

Offering Privacy and Safety to the Most Vulnerable Populations

Cost Savings
Using state-of-the-art prefabricated modular construction, we can build interim housing for a fraction of the cost of permanent buildings. Our units cost $10-20k, compared to an average of $480k to build affordable housing in California, and upwards of $750K in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Time Savings
Thanks to California’s emergency shelter building codes and the power of modern manufacturing, we can construct interim supportive housing sites in a matter of a couple of months, rather than the several years it takes to build permanent housing projects.
Why Now?
The pandemic has shown us that unsheltered homelessness is not only a humanitarian crisis, it is also a public health crisis. We believe that there is now finally the political and community will to commit resources and get serious about sheltering our unsheltered neighbors.
Our Origin
LifeMoves & Project Homekey

LifeMoves, the largest homelessness services agency in Silicon Valley, has partnered with the City of Mountain View to build an interim supportive housing site with 100 rooms: 88 for individuals and 12 for families.  This incredible project was funded by Project Homekey as well as corporate and private donors, and was completed in under 6 months.  

LifeMoves has issued a call to action and even a playbook to encourage others to replicate this model. DignityMoves has risen to that challenge, and is working to create interim supportive housing across California and beyond, following LifeMoves’ model.

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