DignityMoves Declares Interim Supportive Housing Has Caught Traction

3 Grand Openings, 3 Groundbreakings, and the Interim Supportive Housing Act passing the CA State Senate in the past 6 weeks demonstrate the success of Interim Supportive Housing in California

The City of San José and DignityMoves Officially Announce Groundbreaking of New 150-bed Interim Housing Community at Via del Oro

The City of San José, in partnership with DignityMoves, officially announced the groundbreaking of a new 150-bed interim supportive housing community (ISH). Located at Via del Oro, this housing community could serve 2,250 people over the next ten years as individuals move through the interim site on their path out of homelessness.

DignityMoves' 6th Interim Supportive Housing Community, 3rd in Santa Barbara County

The La Posada interim housing community will house individuals living in encampments in the immediate area. This community will have 80 rooms, provide 24/7 security, intensive case management for each resident, 3 meals a day as well as mental and physical health care services.

DignityMoves Success Propelled by Partnership with Women's Fund of Santa Barbara

With the generous support of the Women's Fund of Santa Barbara, including the $125,000 grant this year, we are making significant strides in reducing unsheltered homelessness. Together, we are expanding our interim housing communities and impact in Santa Barbara County.

Interim Supportive Housing Act

In collaboration with lawmakers and community leaders, we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to co-sponsor groundbreaking legislation that has the potential to transform the way our community addresses unsheltered homelessness. SB 1395, also known as The Interim Supportive Housing Act, represents a pivotal step forward in our collective mission to provide stability, dignity, and hope to those who need it most.

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Ending street sleeping can be done - together with our partners, we are building interim housing communities across California to make that happen!

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Together, we can end unsheltered homelessness

Every community deserves a fast, cost-effective way to build housing at SCALE that is dignified and private so that people are willing to come, where they can then get the intensive supportive services they need.