DignityMoves was founded by a group of members of Young Presidents Organization (“YPO”) who came together during the pandemic to lend our energy and resources to address unsheltered homelessness.  About 30 presidents and CEOs from a wide range of industries all  We started with the premise that the current strategies aren’t working; governments are spending more and more money, yet the problem keeps getting worse.  In business parlance, this is a turnaround situation.  We decided to apply Silicon Valley-style “disruptive” thinking and private sector approaches in ways that traditional nonprofits and governments often don’t.  We are challenging the status quo and questioning traditional assumptions. Most importantly, we don’t want to chip away at this problem bit by bit, we are designing a model that can scale.


Our founder and CEO, Elizabeth Funk served on the Board of Directors of LiveMoves, the leading homelessness services agency in Silicon Valley.  During her tenure, LifeMoves successfully applied for a Project Homekey grant to build LifeMoves Mountain View using modular construction. This groundbreaking project was constructed in less than 6 months and now provides 88 rooms for individuals and 12 for families formerly sleeping in cars or encampments. LifeMoves issued a “Call to Action” challenging others to join them in using innovative approaches for  building Interim Supportive Housing rapidly and cost-effectively.  DignityMoves is doing exactly that.

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