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DignityMoves, Tipping Point, and the City of San Francisco have partnered to bring the first interim housing community to the center of San Francisco. While more permanent housing is the ultimate long-term goal, our streets cannot be the waiting room. As with is the case for most cities, San Francisco was reluctant to spend taxpayer dollars on anything that wasn’t a well known form of permanent housing, so we funded the construction of this community fully philanthropically as a showcase. The demonstration was successful, with incredibly positive reception from the neighborhood, government leaders, and most importantly the new residents. Together we piloted DignityMoves’ interim supportive housing model, highlighting the efficiency of early and rapid intervention in changing the trajectory of healing for those experiencing homelessness.

A Closer Look at 33 Gough

33 Gough Location

A partnership with Tipping Point Community, The Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing, Urban Alchemy and Home First Services, this pilot project is the first of its kind in San Francisco. Located at 33 Gough Street in the South of Market neighborhood, the site provides 70 private, dignified rooms for individuals experiencing homelessness. Each room has a bed, a desk and chair, heating, a window, and most importantly a door that locks. The site has been thoughtfully designed by Gensler and PAE Engineers to create a welcoming community and foster a sense of belonging. The community also includes case manager offices, extensive dining and community spaces, a computer lab, pet area, community gardens, and ample storage for residents’ belongings.


Urban Alchemy provides supportive services, meals, and ensures the community is a safe and healthy place for people to take a deep breath and begin to focus on the future. As of December 2022, approximately 94 residents are enjoying safe, dignified rooms while working on more permanent exits out of homelessness. 11 people have already transitioned to permanent housing, others have started new jobs or enrolled in community college courses. Clients are anticipated to stay approximately 30-180 days while they get stabilized and find sustainable housing.


The community is built on two parking lots owned by a private developer who is in the planning and entitlements process for a major development. A 44-tent “Safe Sleeping” program was operating on the site, so we built in two phases allowing the current residents of the tents to move into their rooms immediately while the other units were completed. Also, most group shelters don’t allow pets and offer no privacy for couples. At 33 Gough we have 24 couples and 7 dogs. The street outreach team says that when they go to an encampment to offer a bunk bed at a congregate shelter, they are lucky if one out of 10 will accept it. So far no one has turned down a room at DignityMoves.

San Francisco’s Timeline

Nov 2021

DignityMoves incorporates and starts raising money for 33 Gough

Jan 2022

Construction begins

Mar 2022

First 30 rooms open to residents

May 2022

Remaining 40 rooms open to residents

Dec 2022

Approximately 94 residents are enjoying safe, dignified rooms while working on more permanent exits out of homelessness.

Need help?

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing homelessness in San Francisco and would like to be put on the waitlist for housing at 33 Gough, please contact the SF HOT Team at 415-355-7401 or visit one of these access points. DignityMoves does not manage referrals for the 33 Gough community.

Ending unsheltered homelessness can be done.

A fast, cost-effective way to build housing at SCALE that is dignified and private so that people are willing to come, where they can then get the intensive supportive services they need.