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DignityMoves, The City of Grover Beach, the County of San Luis Obispo (SLO), 5Cities Homeless Coalition (5CHC), and local community groups have partnered to bring an interim housing community to Grover Beach. The lack of shelter in San Luis Obispo County for those experiencing homelessness is severe. San Luis Obispo County ranks 3rd in the nation for the highest unsheltered percentage (79%) of those who are homeless in a predominantly suburban area. Recognizing this crisis and minimal resources, the County Board of Supervisors has identified the challenges of homelessness as a critical priority. Our community is committed to addressing this growing challenge through new and strengthened partnerships with local cities, service providers (such as 5CHC), and other community stakeholders. Through private philanthropy, we successfully funded this interim housing community in Grover Beach that will provide 30 beds.



A Closer Look at Grover Beach

Grover Beach

The new interim supportive housing community is at 955 S. 4th Street, between Barca and S. 4th Street in Grover Beach. The City of Grover Beach leased the land to 5Cities Homeless Coalition. The community will include 30 individual sleeping cabins for adults experiencing homelessness in San Luis Obispo County, with a priority for those from South County. Each room has a bed, a desk and chair, heating and air conditioning, a window, and, most importantly, a door that locks. Gensler has thoughtfully designed the site to create a welcoming community and foster a sense of belonging. The community also includes:

  • Case manager offices
  • Extensive dining and community spaces
  • A computer lab
  • A pet area
  • Community gardens
  • Ample storage for residents’ belongings


DignityMoves is proud to partner with service providers like 5Cities Homeless Coalition (5CHC), who will operate this supervised interim supportive housing community.  5CHC services families and individuals by providing the resources, support, and hope that they need to become self-sufficient, productive community members. Planning how best to address the needs of the homeless in South San Luis Obispo County today involves many caring citizens and community leaders, and 5CHC takes a collaborative approach to meet the challenge.

Need Help?

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing homelessness in San Luis Obispo County and would like to be put on the waitlist for housing in our community, please contact the team at 5CHS at: (805) 574-1638. DignityMoves does not manage referrals for this community.

Ending unsheltered homelessness can be done.

A fast, cost-effective way to build housing at SCALE that is dignified and private so that people are willing to come, where they can then get the intensive supportive services they need.