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The beneficial impact of DignityMoves private, dignified housing in beautiful, trauma-informed designed communities

  • Delivering services on the streets is ineffective.  People are not in the right frame of mind
  • Even in a congregate shelter, people can’t truly be calm
  • The importance of having your own privacy to take a deep breath– we believe that supportive services will have a higher impact when people are in a dignified environment
  • Our communities are beautiful– the importance of pride in your environment
Excellence In Supportive Services Network

While DignityMoves does not operate supportive services programs ourselves, we partner with best-in-class agencies and work with them on continuous improvement, to the benefit of all of our partners.

This new program will share best practices, ensure each program is operating at a level of excellence worthy of the DignityMoves program, and will standardize the measurement of outcomes.

Regular convenings of our agency partners will foster cross-pollination of ideas and additional methodologies.

Augmenting Programs

DignityMoves is in a unique position to bring additional programs and offerings that individual agencies may not have the resources to develop.  For example, our new DignityConnect initiative will provide free cell phones, tablet computers, and WiFi to residents and other qualified people in the community.


Changing Lives

After just one year in operation, the 165 total rooms at our three current DignityMoves communities provide safe, dignified housing for approximately 200 people today. As people move through the program every 6-12 months, those rooms are quickly occupied by new residents. In just a few short months our three communities have already served over 250 previously unsheltered people. DignityMoves residents are benefiting from the intensive case management of our supportive service providers and succeeding. Here are just a few of the many moving stories from our residents*:


After decades of struggling with addiction to drugs and alcohol, Christa found herself homeless and diagnosed with serious medical issues jeopardizing her life. After several failed attempts at treatment and housing, she needed another way to seek healing and shelter. DignityMoves was her answer where she could have a secured room of her own, onsite medical and mental health services, transport and assistance with her appointments and the space to begin to recover and heal. Christa, four months into her recovery, for the first time in her adult life, has secured housing and re-established relationships with her adult children and grandchildren.


Matt had been struggling with substance use for decades, losing his home and family in the process. After surviving on the streets for years and hiding in the shadows, he decided to come into the DignityMoves community to seek shelter and services. From day one he took advantage of the care and safety provided and is now several months sober. He takes an active role helping take care of the DignityMoves site and mentors other residents who are struggling with substance use. Matt has now secured a voucher and is looking to be housed and employed soon.


Tonya had been living on the streets since late adolescence but maintained a full-time job as a manager in retail. Living out of her debilitated van she just needed a place to sleep, shower and do laundry while caring for her dog who is her lifeline. Upon entering DignityMoves, Tonya was able to care for herself and her canine friend—she has recently secured a voucher for housing and will move into her own apartment soon. She is already buying items for her house with such pride and joy knowing with a little help and a lot of care from people who believe in her, she can make it on her own.

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