DignityMoves in Oakland

We're Ending Unsheltered Homelessness in Oakland

DignityMoves, Housing Consortium of the East Bay, and the City of Oakland have been awarded a $14.3m Homekey grant from the State of California. This Homekey funding is for Dignity Village, a new construction project that will create 40 modular housing units to serve seniors, who represent the fastest-growing segment of the homeless population. We are honored to be a part of this important project!



Transforming Response to Homelessness in Oakland

Construction is slated to begin in May 2024, with the Grand Opening in April 2025.


DignityMoves and the City of Oakland are embarking on a public-private partnership to build Dignity Village. The $14.3 million Project Homekey grant is the first to fund the construction of a new building in Oakland.

The Dignity Village project will be located on empty, city-owned lots on Edes Avenue and Clara Street. It will include 40 new modular housing units to serve seniors, who are tragically the fastest-growing demographic amongst unhoused residents.


Housing Consortium of the East Bay (HCEB) will provide site supervision, security, meals, supportive services, and expected maintenance needs. HCEB was founded in 1997 and has fulfilled its mission by providing housing outreach and support services, developing affordable housing, partnering with other nonprofit and for-profit companies to secure set-asides within larger rental communities, and owning and operating permanent support housing.

Need Help?

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing homelessness in Oakland and would like to be put on the waitlist for housing in our community, please contact the team at HCEB at: (510) 832-1382. DignityMoves does not manage referrals for this community.

Ending unsheltered homelessness can be done.

A fast, cost-effective way to build housing at SCALE that is dignified and private so that people are willing to come, where they can then get the intensive supportive services they need.