DignityMoves in Alameda

Welcome Home, Alameda!

Dignity Village is a 47-unit interim supportive housing community in Alameda, CA that can serve up to 61 unhoused individuals, including five units for transitional-age youth. Each unit measures 138 square feet and has a private, en suite bathroom.

$2,555,844 in operational funding and $9,225,536 for the development of the project is coming from the State of California Project Homekey, and another $2,654,622 in capitalized operational reserves is sourced from the Alameda County Housing and Community Development Department. The City is contributing $10,855,995 towards the development and operations of this project. In addition, the City is promoting a GoFundMe on social media and their website.

Five Keys handles the onsite operation of Dignity Village as well as case management and resident services. Those in need of housing will be referred through the Homeless Management Information System, which is managed by the Coordinated Entry Program of Alameda County’s Office of Homeless Care and Coordination (OHCC). For the initial housing placement, unhoused residents in the City of Alameda will be given priority.


A Closer Look at Dignity Village


Dignity Village features 47 rooms with the capacity to serve up to 61 individuals at a time. Construction commenced on October 24, 2023 and the site opened less than 8 months later. Each resident receives their own private room with a door that locks, so they can bring their pets, and keep their belongings safe, and finally take a deep breath. Each cabin features an ensuite bathroom, high quality furniture, individually controlled heating and AC, and WiFi. Thoughtfully designed by Gensler, this two-story housing community also includes auxiliary buildings with staff offices, training rooms, a dining room, kitchen, and guest storage. Outdoor amenities include a community garden, pet relief area, and a beautiful, ADA accessible deck.


Supportive services and day to day operational support are managed by Five Keys.

Five Keys utilizes a housing-first model to provide care that is client-centered, trauma-informed, culturally-responsive, age appropriate, and gender responsive. Their programs prioritize skills training, job placement, and the support of  transitional age youth, while also recognizing diverse identities and unique needs of each resident.


The odd-shaped site had been affectionately known as the “bottle parcel” and was considered infeasible for any traditional development. The city had tried to sell it for years to no avail. By partnering with DignityMoves and Gensler, the City was able to optimize the site for Alameda’s first interim housing community.  In just one year, this odd shaped piece of land will serve over ½  of the Alamedians experiencing homelessness.

Need Help?

If you or someone you know is currently experiencing homelessness in Alameda and would like to be put on the waitlist for housing at Dignity Village, please contact the Alameda Homeless Hotline (510) 522-4663. DignityMoves does not manage referrals for the this community.

Ending unsheltered homelessness can be done.

A fast, cost-effective way to build housing at SCALE that is dignified and private so that people are willing to come, where they can then get the intensive supportive services they need.