DignityMoves in Alameda

We're Ending Homelessness in Alameda and You Can Help

In partnership with the City of Alameda, Five Keys, and Project Home Key, we’re building private and dignified rooms for individuals experiencing homelessness. We need your support to bring this project to completion.

Our Site Plan

We'll be housing 65% of Alameda's unsheltered population, each year.

Interim Supportive Housing

ISH serves as a stop-over between the streets and permanent housing, where people can get out of survival mode, take a breath, and have the mental and emotional capacity to focus on stabilizing and rebuilding their lives.

Industry-Leading Partners

This permanent, two-story project is designed by Gensler, produced by Crate Modular, and features California-sourced prefabricated units by Swinterton Builders.

Privacy and Dignity

Each resident receives their own private room with doors that lock, so they can bring their pets and keep their belongings safe. Each ADA-compliant cabin features an ensuite bathroom, a desk to support their housing and job searches, and individually controlled heating and WiFi.

Get Involved

We rely on the generosity of companies, individuals, and the community to bring our vision to life.

Adopt A Unit

Provide linens and items that will make the unit a home


Sign-up to paint, landscape, or setup the units.


Raise the funds to support a building with your friends


Donate money towards specific project elements.

Our Partners