Our Approach

Interim Supportive Housing

Interim Supportive Housing is a stop-over between tents and permanent housing. When people are in survival mode, worried about their safety or their next meal, it is impossible to think clearly about rebuilding and plans for the future. Interim Supportive Housing a place where people can come to take a deep breath and start to stabilize their lives.

A Closer Look

Compared to Traditional Housing Shelters

“Interim Supportive Housing” differs from traditional “shelters” in a number of ways.  Rather than a bunk bed in a group setting, everyone gets the dignity of their own private space–with a door that locks.  Most importantly, exceptional services agencies provide the wrap-around support necessary to help clients make positive steps forward: connecting them with mental and behavioral healthcare, employment and housing specialists, and a myriad of other critical resources.

Why People Refuse Shelters

Interim Supportive Housing addresses the top 4 reasons why people in encampments refuse traditional shelters

They want their own space.
They need storage.
Dislike dorm-style setup.
Want to bring their pets.