Craig Greiwe

Regional Council


Craig Greiwe was most recently the Chief Strategy Officer of Rogers & Cowan PMK, a marketing and cultural business strategy agency. In that role, he oversaw every aspect of client marketing efforts, including content, brand, digital, social, research, insights, media, and creative. He also built a ground-up management consultancy, leading clients with over $200 billion in revenue into bold, next generation strategy and evolutions. His difference is not just his expertise in marrying marketing and business to drive results, it’s developing solutions for seemingly impossible problems, driving innovative change, restoring lost value, and doing so while still hewing to a brand and client’s core values. Greiwe left his position at R&CPMK to run an insurgent campaign for Los Angeles Mayor to bring common sense and business-driven solutions to LA’s most impossible problems, and has now returned to the private sector as an expert marketer and problem-solver. Prior to his time at R&C PMK, Greiwe had his own consulting firm, as well as worked at Warner Bros., Disney, MGM, and DreamWorks. He is a graduate of USC and Columbia Law School. Along with his long list of professional accomplishments, Greiwe is emphatically focused on social good, believing that being a good person is as important as doing good work.