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DignityMoves and the County of Santa Barbara have partnered to bring a new interim housing community to downtown Santa Barbara. Covid-19 has increased the urgency of building non-congregate housing for the unsheltered in our community. While more permanent housing is the ultimate long-term goal, our streets cannot be the waiting room. DignityMoves is building “interim supportive housing” as a stop-over between tents and permanent housing– where clients can be safe and receive the critical support services necessary to rebuild their lives and exit homelessness.

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The site will provide 35 private, dignified rooms for individuals experiencing homelessness. Each room will have a bed, a desk and chair, heating and air conditioning, a window, and most importantly a door that locks. Contrary to traditional congregate shelters, residents will have the safety and dignity of a private space to call home while they work towards a more permanent exit from homelessness. The site has been thoughtfully designed by Gensler to create a welcoming community and foster a sense of belonging.


Good Samaritan will provide robust support services both for the residents as well as for others experiencing homelessness in the community on a walk-in basis. The services piazza will have additional offices for other nonprofits to deliver their services onsite as well. With over 27 years of experience, Good Samaritan has an exceptional reputation for providing care and tailored services to help address the root causes of homelessness. Good Samaritan connects clients to a wide array of other services.


The construction cost is $1.7 m and the expected operating/services cost is $1.5m annually, including meals and security. For the initial 3-year project, the total cost is $4.4m. The County will be contributing all of the operating and services as well as $600k towards construction. We are asking the community to contribute $800k towards construction, furnishings, and site beautification-- for a true public-private partnership. This is a pilot project, which we hope and expect will be replicated in several other locations across the county in the near future.

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