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Volunteer Opportunities

The most profound changes begin with a single step—a step towards understanding, compassion, and action. At DignityMoves, we are inviting you to take that step with us, to join a community of dedicated volunteers determined to make a real, tangible difference in the lives of individuals experiencing homelessness.

Volunteer Application

Interested in volunteering with us? Please complete the application form below and our team will be in touch with you soon! For questions or to submit additional application materials, contact us at


How can I become a volunteer with DignityMoves?

To become a volunteer with us, please fill out the volunteer application form. Our team will review your application and contact you with further details.

What kinds of volunteer opportunities are available at DignityMoves?

We offer a variety of volunteer opportunities, including on-site assembling furniture, planting community gardens, and decorating rooms for Grand Openings or remote/virtual, like helping our marketing, real estate,  business development, administrative, and fundraising teams.  You can explore our current openings on our website or contact us for specific roles that leverage your experience and expertise. 

Do I need any particular skills or qualifications to volunteer?

While some roles may benefit from specific skills or experience, we welcome volunteers of all backgrounds and abilities. Our team provides guidance for all volunteer positions.

What is the time commitment expected for volunteering?

The time commitment varies depending on the role. Some positions may require a regular commitment, while others offer more flexible scheduling. We will work with you to find a volunteer schedule that works best for you.

Can I volunteer remotely?

While some roles may require an on-site presence, we offer remote/virtual volunteering opportunities for those who prefer to volunteer from home.

Will I receive training or an orientation as a volunteer?

Yes, we provide an orientation and training for all volunteers. 

Are there any benefits to volunteering with DignityMoves?

Volunteering offers the chance to significantly impact the lives of those experiencing homelessness, gain valuable experience, and be part of the solution dedicated to helping end unsheltered homelessness in our communities. 

How do I record my volunteer hours?

We have a simple system for tracking volunteer hours, which will be explained during your orientation meeting. 

Can I choose my volunteer hours?

We try to accommodate individual schedules, but some volunteer roles may have specific time requirements. Please discuss your availability with your volunteer supervisor.

Is there a minimum age to volunteer?

The minimum age for volunteers varies depending on the role and if there is a legal requirement. Volunteers under 18 must have parental consent.

Will I be reimbursed for expenses?

Generally, volunteers are not reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses, but there may be exceptions. Please inquire before incurring any expenses you expect to be reimbursed.

How is my personal information used and stored?

Your personal information is used solely for the purpose of your volunteer engagement and is stored securely in compliance with data protection laws.

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