michelle williams

Michelle Jarvis

Lived Experience Advisory Board


My name is Michelle R. Jarvis, I married my husband in 2022 who I met taking mental health groups at Sanctuary Centers. I have reunited with my 22 year old daughter thankful to be modeling mental wellness and recovery from drugs and alcohol.

My road in recovery ❤️‍🩹 is faith in Jesus, singing, sharing my talents, being a member at New Friendship Missionary Baptist ⛪️ Church and helping out others where I worked for 4 years as a Peer Specialist at the Mental Wellness Center. Now, I share my story and experience of being homeless, coming out of addiction, jail and psychiatric facilities to helping others find the quality of life in sobriety and mental wellness. I enjoy doing outreach to those in need or experiencing homelessness. I volunteer for FamiliesACT! a welcome Jail table at the main SB jail supporting visitors with their loved ones incarcerated advocating “Beds Not Cells” I participate in the Voice Hearing Network and Self-help groups. I am certified as a NAMI Peer 2 Peer trainer; in First Aid CPR; experience working with Santa Barbara County of Behavioral Wellness. I have my MediCal State certification as a Peer Support Specialist!