Carlie Danielson

Chief of Staff


Carlie Danielson is an accomplished strategist and communicator with more than 20 years of versatile professional experience across non-profit and private sectors.

With the global public health non-profit PSI, Carlie marketed condoms (and plenty of other public health goods and services) in Burma. As a brand strategist, she led research, positioning, brand architecture and naming efforts to equip technology brands, higher education institutions, and nonprofits with tools to align on and effectively communicate who they are, what they do, and why they matter.

During Carlie’s time leading the strategy teams at design consultancies fuseprojct and NewDealDesign, she guided seasoned executives and start up founders from across industries and managed the planning and execution of large scale, cross-disciplinary design initiatives that brought multiple brands, products and experiences to market. Also during her tenure at fuseproject, Carlie co-designed and executed key elements of SPRING Accelerator, which delivered technical and financial support to early stage enterprises in Africa and Asia whose products and services enable girls to safely learn, earn and save.

Carlie holds an undergraduate degree in English from Georgetown University, and a master’s in Integrated Marketing from Northwestern University. She is thrilled to return to impact-driven work and to apply her expertise to help scale DignityMoves and advance its mission to end unsheltered street homelessness.