Avanthi Shah



Avanthi Shah is an accomplished entrepreneur and Board member whose work experience has spanned global operations across multiple geographies including United States, India and Africa in the fields of technology, micro-finance and renewable energy.

She’s enthusiastic about the opportunities presented by the convergence of emerging technologies in the fields of Spatial Web, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, AI, VR/AR, IoT, Medicine and Fintech and their immense potential for positive impact on the societal and the environmental eco-systems.

The two areas of impact that she’s particularly interested in are the elimination of poverty and the empowerment of the vulnerable in society.

Avanthi is Gold Medalist from Osmania university, an honorary Gold Medalist of the Indian Institute of Chartered Accountants, an MBA from Indian Institute of Management and winner of CRISIL-ICICI-CNBC TV18 Woman Entrepreneur of Year award. She was also recognized as “Young Turk Transformer” by CNBC TV-18.

She is passionate about emerging technologies and enjoys playing a significant role in ventures that rank high on innovation as well as impact.

Currently, she serves on the Board of FINCA International, Washington DC and as an Investment Council member of San Francisco based Venture Fund, How Women Invest.