Abigail BloomKing

Board Member


Abigail BloomKing is a business and marketing strategist with over twenty years of experience in marketing management, contract negotiations, and business development. A “serial entrepreneur,” she has helped individuals and companies grow in legal, sports management, non-profit, and technology. She has a keen eye for identifying opportunities in underserved markets and assisting early-stage companies in bootstrapping their businesses to find a market fit and scale growth. She is particularly interested in creating partnership opportunities with major corporations for women and minority-owned businesses and is passionate about social justice reform.


Ms. BloomKing is the founder and CEO of The BloomKing Agency, a digital marketing agency for B2B growth marketers. She continues to lead early-stage companies through launching digital marketing campaigns, research, and development initiatives, writing case studies, and advising on strategic partnerships. Her agency has helped countless businesses such as QuinStreet, Vibe, and Webinar.net succeed and grow their audiences. In addition, she serves on the Board of Directors for Bay Cities FC (a mission-driven professional sports club) and Women in Sports and Entertainment, Bay Area Chapter. She is dedicated to using her experience in both the non-profit and private sectors to broaden access to high-quality education by supporting innovation, reducing barriers to entry, and creating equal socio-economic opportunities for the next generation. Ms. BloomKing is an avid learner. She holds an MBA and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Golden Gate University and a Master of Arts in Sports Management from the University of San Francisco. She currently works for the Golden State Warriors on the Talent and Acquisition Team.