Our Projects

Future Projects

DignityMoves projects can take multiple different forms, depending on the goals and duration of the program.  DignityMoves is seeking locations and partners for future projects, both within California and beyond.

Our Approach


DignityMoves uses modular construction that is easily portable, allowing us to take advantage of land that might only be available for a few years.  We can borrow underutilized land from cities or counties, faith-based organizations, developers with projects tied up in entitlements, or private land owners who share our vision of putting vacant land to a higher and better use.  In these cases, we use a modular product that is light-weight and easily relocated with a forklift and truck.  Ideally a site is available for at least 2-3 years.  Temporary projects allow us to take advantage of California’s emergency shelter building codes, which streamline and simplify the permit approval process.  Both the San Francisco and Santa Barbara sites will be temporary projects (insert image of Boss Cubez)


When we are able to purchase land (such as with Project Homekey funding) or a site is available for many years, we can build semi-permanent projects.  In this case, we select more robust modular products (such as provided by housing manufacturers like Connect Homes (or others).  Due to the modular construction, the projects are still movable, though they are designed with more robust foundations and do not utilize the emergency building codes.  In semi-permanent projects, it is possible to include private bathrooms and even kitchenettes in each room if desired.  Semi-permanent projects can also be constructed with multiple stories. (include a picture of the 2 story Connect Shelters rendering).

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