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Ed Chan is the CEO & President of C. Pacific Foods, a 28 year importer of Asian Foods whose sole reason for existence is to delight its customers and grow its leaders. After earning a Bachelor of Science in 1997 from UCLA and gaining work experience at Northwestern Mutual Life, Ed made the decision to apply his knowledge to rejuvenate his family’s business. He’s been with the company for over 23 years and considers himself blessed for the platform he was given. The company’s vision is to be a thought leader and a cultural conduit into Asian cuisine. Ed is passionate about creating a vibrant work culture where employees coach one another as they ‘wow’ their customers with innovative food solutions. Ed would describe his strongest professional gifting is as a ‘strategist’, who enjoys filling a white board with inventiveideas.

Ed and his wife Elaine are entering their 13th year in marriage. Together, they share two rambunctious kids; an inquisitive 11 year old named Olivia and a happy-go-lucky 9 year old named Toby. The family’s goal is to visit 25 countries before the kids leave for college and as of this writing they’ve conquered their 16th location and looking forward to the next trip.

Aside from family, God and business, Ed is most proud of having summited Mount Kilimanjaro in 2017, but is looking forward to conquering Everest basecamp in the next few years. Apart from trekking, he is an avid cyclist, weekend soccer coach, and a men’s Radical Mentoring Bible study leader at his local church.