6itforward on Giving Tuesday

$6 Provides a safe night's rest

The idea of six degrees of separation inspired 6itforward and reminds us that we are all connected, underscoring that homelessness is not a distant problem; it touches lives within our circles. At DignityMoves, we are working to end unsheltered homelessness in our communities. Through additional funding, we could reach 22,000 people over the next five years at a mere $6/day.

What is 6itforward?

Every connection has power, and the number six stands at the core of our shared human experience. Numerology speaks of six as a heartbeat, a rhythm of unconditional love, restorative healing, and nurturing warmth. It captures equilibrium, urging us to embrace empathy and the broader narrative of human interconnectedness.

A mere six degrees of separation bridge us, crafting a narrative of deep-seated ties and mutual destinies. Our joys and sorrows, highs and lows, ripple through these six degrees, binding us in shared emotion and experience.

$6 Provides a safe night’s rest

With $6 a night, you become an agent of change. Over six weeks, you support shelter, foster connections, strengthen community ties, and empower individuals to regain hope.

Join ‘6itforward’. Let’s make every connection count.

The Dignity Solution

We are working to end unsheltered homelessness by building Interim Supportive Housing communities as a rapid, cost-effective, and, thus, scalable solution.


Faces of Homelessness

Join us on this campaign as we break down stereotypes about homelessness and remind us that we are all connected.